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Connecticut Maritime Coalition Article

Connecticut Maritime Coalition Recognizes Santa Energy’s 75th Anniversary in Deep Water Port Notes Publication

The CT Maritime Coalition recently published an article about Santa Energy. Read the article below or click here to see the publication.

The Santa Energy Corporation was founded in 1940 by Stephen & Madelyn Santa. Stephen had worked for SOCONY, the predecessor of Mobil Oil at their Bridgeport, CT barge terminal prior to starting his business. In that year he purchased a delivery truck and a kerosene customer list from SOCONY and started his business out of their Stratford, CT home. The business grew with the help of his four sons and in 1958 they purchased the offices of Mobil in Bridgeport where Stephen had previously worked.

The family founded the subsidiary, Inland Fuel Terminals Inc. in 1962 and opened a truck terminal in Monroe, CT. This was the first card-lock fueling facility in the state. In 1972 Inland purchased the Mobil distillate fuel terminal in Bridgeport giving them better control over fuel quality and supply. The company took delivery of its first barge shipment of #2 heating oil in the fall of 1972. And still to this day the one million gallon barge delivers heating oil from New York Harbor to Bridgeport, CT via the Long Island Sound.

As Santa Energy continued to grow over the years they expanded into the commercial area with the purchase of Buckley Brothers in 1983. And in 1994 a 600,000 barrel marine cargo terminal in Tiverton, Rhode Island was purchased by Inland. This deep water facility allowed efficient distribution of heating oil, diesel and kerosene. Inland also began distributing petroleum products from terminals in New Haven and East Hartford, CT and Everett, MA allowing them to serve all of southern New England.

In 2001, after commercial natural gas was deregulated, Santa Buckley Energy (SBE) was officially created and began serving the energy needs of commercial, industrial, municipal and institutional customers throughout New England. The commercial petroleum products division was folded into SBE, along with natural gas and electricity sales. Recently, commercial propane has been added to SBE’s product mix.

Santa Buckley doesn’t just rely on gas pipelines and ground transportation to serve customers. The use of water ways throughout the northeast are crucial to conducting business. Not only are various energy products delivered to SBE from the water, but SBE plays a key role in serving marine fuels to vessel operators, in multiple markets, throughout the New England region. SBE is Coast Guard Certified from Greenwich, CT to South Boston, MA and our affiliation with other petroleum transporters enables us to bunker vessels as far north as Portland, ME.

At the retail level, SBE serves the marina market through its partnership with ValvTect Fuel Additives. SBE is a member of the Passenger Vessel Association and has a long tradition of serving the ferry and cruise markets that promote commerce between: CT and NY; the mainland and Southern NE Islands as well as Maine and the Canadian Maritimes. SBE serves the vessels that “work” our waters including: tug and fishing fleets; municipal and government vessels and research ships operated by state universities.

For 75 years Santa has marketed energy products to homes, businesses, industries and institutions. Today, still family-owned and operated, Santa Energy Corporation is a comprehensive energy solutions company providing a full range of energy products including heating oil and propane to Connecticut homes, as well as heating and motor fuels, natural gas, propane and electricity to businesses and institutions throughout New England. Santa offers the benefits of a large energy supplier with the personalized service only a family business can provide.


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