Santa Energy Santa Energy • Mar 18, 2020

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Our customers’ happiness is the most important asset to us here at Santa Energy. We have been in business for more than 75 years because of the families who invite us into their homes each year to help them to live more comfortably in the heat and the cold. 

We measure our success and your satisfaction by repeat business and the feedback you provide our technicians. From time to time we also send out a survey and ask for additional feedback. This year was no different; we received overwhelmingly positive responses from our customers about the technicians and installation crews who work tirelessly in extreme temperatures outside homes, in basements, attics, and crawl spaces.

Our customers will always be a priority to us, and understanding what you want from us will always be equally important to drive our future decisions and ensure we are a customer-oriented business. 

The Customer Survey Results

We collected customer satisfaction results, and it’s clear that our technicians and installation crews continue to do their jobs well. We appreciate that our customers continue to give our teams high marks and thoughtful feedback. 

“The techs are always professional and on time. Since I know next to nothing about HVAC, they always answer any and all questions that I have in language that even I can understand.” noted one resident in Milford, Connecticut.

Overall, we received a 98% satisfaction rating from our customers.  

We Appreciate the Praise

Thank you to every Santa customer who took the time to respond to our survey and provide valuable feedback about our service, our products, and our technicians. 

The phone calls we receive telling us about a technician who did a fantastic job, and the letters you send letting us know about the time and care our teams take, are appreciated.

It’s safe to say we are touched by the positive comments, some of which applaud a specific technician. Here’s a selection of the praise we received recently:

Excellent in every way. The technician allowed me to look over his shoulder to understand what he was doing. He then took time to explain to my wife about how to do the weekly scheduling of the thermostat.”

“John B was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He replaced a broken nozzle on our boiler and answered all the questions my husband and I had. He was very thorough. Very grateful for his service.”

“I have been a customer since 1966 and your service has always been top notch.”

“The men who came and switched out our tank were completely professional. I was even briefed on propane safety use. Highly recommend!”

Our Future Together

Santa Energy started in 1940 with a single truck delivering kerosene in the Bridgeport, Connecticut area. Today, we are a leading energy supplier throughout New England. 

We have you, our loyal customers, to thank for our continued success. We will continue to work hard to provide you quality service. It’s not just about what we’re doing right, we always want to know how we can improve your customer satisfaction, year over year. 

This means, please reach out to us with feedback, recommendations and observations any time. We want to hear from you. Your feedback is important guidance for us, as we move into the future together. 

You can provide your feedback to us on Facebook, Twitter, or by calling us at 800-937-2682.


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