How to Read a Propane Tank Gauge

Winter in Connecticut has produced some record cold temperatures this year. Although warmer days will be coming we aren’t out of the cold snap just yet. Being conscious of your fuel level is extremely important during these periods of frigid temps. For propane users, the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), is an excellent resource for propane education. Their recent safety video provides some helpful tips on understanding how to read your propane tank gauge.

Many people notice after a delivery their tank gauge reads 80%. It’s common to wonder things like, was there enough fuel delivered, or is there an issue with the tank? Don’t worry, there is no issue with the tank and the gauge should read 80% because propane is a gas that expands. There needs to be room in the tank for expansion to take place without causing any issues. Watch PERC’s How To Read a Tank Gauge video to learn facts including:

• If a propane tank runs out of gas completely, safety regulations require the propane system be professionally inspected before the gas can be turned back on.
• The lid of a propane tank protects the gauge and other components from weather.
• Propane is stored as a liquid and contracts and expands as temperatures increase and decrease.
• Tank numbers on the gauge show the fuel level as a percentage not the amount of gallons in the tank.

There are a vast number of uses for propane including home heating, water heating, clothes drying, fireplaces, cooking, generator power and outdoor living spaces. To ensure you have a sufficient amount of propane for all of your energy needs the Santa Propane team recommends checking the tank gauge on a regular basis. For complete peace of mind to ensure you never run out of fuel, Santa offers tank monitoring services at a low cost. Call 800-937-2682 to speak with one of our propane experts and learn more about tank monitoring.

To watch more of PERC’s safety videos click here.


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