Santa Energy Santa Energy • Oct 14, 2013

Inland Fuel Terminals New Location

Now Open in East Hartford

We are pleased to announce that we have opened our newest location. The Sterling Street Terminal, located at 1351 Main Street in East Hartford, CT is now open!

This location is convenient for heating oil dealers in not only the Hartford area of Connecticut, but Massachusetts as well. Heating oil dealers close to this location can reduce operating costs by minimizing the time drivers are on the road filling up their trucks. With 3 loading positions, trucks can easily and quickly be refueled with quality heating oil. Rack sales, prompt bulk sales and future bulk sales are available and there will soon be a supply of diesel fuel as well.

We also bring the same high level of customer service to East Hartford that we have been providing New England Heating Oil Dealers for over 50 years. Inland Fuel Terminals has become a leading supplier of premium wholesale petroleum and distillate products to heating oil dealers in the Northeast. We offer heating oil, bioheat, kerosene, diesel and biodiesel products from a network of terminals in Connecticut and Rhode Island. For additional information on how we can better serve you, call us at 1-800-827-7099.


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