Santa Energy Santa Energy • May 12, 2014

Santa Children Give Back to Cancer Doctors

This past summer Claire and Cate Santa learned their grandmother, Ellen Redgate was diagnosed with cancer. From the outset Ellen received wonderful care from the doctors and nurses at both Yale–New Haven and Bridgeport Hospital. It was through this care that her cancer went into remission.

Claire and Cate were so thankful for the care Ellen received they wanted to give back to the people who helped her. Noticing the popularity of custom made wristbands, Claire decided to make some “Bands of Hope”. Enlisting the help of their next door neighbor, Maeve Sheldon, the girls went into production mode. Next came marketing and the girls turned out to be quite the entrepreneurs, they brought their bracelets and card table to a local swim meet and for the fee of approximately $1.00 you received a bracelet, a story about Ellen (if Cate was your salesperson) and a piece of candy.

The girls raised $167.60.

Last month they made their donation, along with Ellen and their mother, to the Norma F. Pfriem Cancer Institute of Bridgeport Hospital. The funds were received by Stephen Jakab, President of the Bridgeport Hospital Foundation along with Kim Bielecki RN, Oncology Program Specialist at NFPCI and Peg Parniawski RN, Nursing Director at NFPCI.

We commend them for their effort to give back to those who work tirelessly treating cancer patients. Way to go girls!


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