Santa Energy Santa Energy • Jan 8, 2015

Seventy Five Years of Serving With Energy

Thank you for allowing us to serve your energy needs!

2015 marks the 75th year Santa Energy has been serving energy products and services to homeowners in Southern Connecticut and businesses throughout New England. Our founders, Stephen and Madelyn Santa, would be proud to know what has become of the one truck operation they founded in 1940. Customer service was the cornerstone they built the company on and it remains our number one priority today. Our success would not have been possible without great customers and we appreciate all of the customers we currently serve and have served throughout the years. Santa remains family owned and operated and all of our customers become part of the family, we are dedicated to meeting their needs and ensuring complete satisfaction. Thank you for being part of our 75-year history and for putting your trust in us to provide your energy needs. From the entire Santa family and all of our employees we wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015 and beyond!



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