Safe and Flexible Bulk Motor Fuel Delivery

Santa Buckley’s bulk fuel delivery service ensures that our commercial fleet operators have the petroleum products needed to fuel the trucks, cars, construction equipment or other vehicles vital to the business’s operation. Santa Buckley Energy can schedule automatic delivery of premium motor fuels to your facility so that you are able to keep your fleet operating when you need it. We have a wide range of vehicles able to offer bulk fuel delivery to any tank, and our drivers have the experience to safely fill your tanks.

Santa can also help arrange the rental or purchase and installation of your own petroleum storage tank should you need one. Portable fuel storage tanks can be placed wherever you want and are simple to operate with a built in pump and meter to track fuel usage. Tanks can also be installed with a remote tank monitoring system so you always know the fuel level in the tank. Santa Buckley employees will also monitor your fuel level and make a bulk delivery to fill it as needed. The ease and convenience of these portable tanks provides a perfect way to effectively manage fuel usage, saving time and money. Click to learn more about the benefits of portable fuel tanks.

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