Dual Fuel


A Dual Fuel Supplier Means More Savings and Less Effort for You

Dual fuel facilities can switch between oil and gas as necessary or as prices fluctuate. A dual fuel supplier like Santa Buckley Energy has the ability to meet the dual fuel needs of commercial customers — providing the most effective strategy for managing energy costs.

For multi-fuel or dual fuel capable customers, Santa Buckley Energy offers fuel switching and BTU programs that help our commercial, industrial and institutional customers with dual fuel equipment take advantage of today’s dynamic energy markets. Santa Buckley is able to negotiate rates for you and ensure the optimal fuel mix is chosen based upon your operating parameters.

Our staff is unique because we have expertise in gas and petroleum product markets, so Santa Buckley can develop a dual fuel purchasing strategy and energy management program that meets your specific requirements and objectives. We also have the market and delivery capabilities that are essential to effective fuel switching strategies.

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