Santa Buckley Energy Offers Marine Diesel Fuel and Ship Bunkering

Santa Buckley Energy has established a strong reputation for prompt, dependable marine diesel fueling. Santa Buckley is certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to be able to offer marine fueling from Newburgh, NY to Portland, ME. We offer marine fueling and bunkering to major passenger vessels, ferry operators, tug and barge operators, marinas, shipyards and large private yachts.

Santa Buckley tanker operators maintain strict compliance with all state and federal laws relating to loading, transport and discharge of petroleum products. We are also members of the Passenger Vessel Association, the Propeller Club of the United States – Port of Narragansett and the Connecticut Maritime Coalition so you can be assured we provide quality marine fueling products and services.

Available Fuels include:

  • Bunker Fuel Oil (BFO)
  • Intermediate Fuels (IF)
  • Marine Diesel Oil (MDO)
  • Marine Gas Oil (MGO)
  • High & Low Sulfur Diesel