Portable Fuel Tanks


Vehicle fueling has never been easier and more convenient with a portable fuel tank installed wherever you need it, saving time and reducing overall fuel costs.

Why a portable tank?
Fuel Your Own Fleet – Access to your own gas station any time of day
Reduce Drive Downtime – With a tank on-site there is no need to drive to a station for fuel
Sized For Your Needs – 500 and 1,000 gallon tanks are available

Who can benefit from using them?
Portable fuel tanks are a perfect fueling solution for stand-by power, construction sites, equipment refueling, truck fleets or any facility that has vehicles needing fuel. And they are so easy to operate your employees can fuel vehicles as needed.

Are they safe and reliable?
Tanks are double walled with 110% containment, weatherproof, have a removable inner tank for routine cleaning and internal baffles provide maximum stability.

Are they certified/approved to operate on your property?
UL 142 compliant for fuel storage – US standard for above ground fuel storage, recognized and widely accepted
National Fire Protection Association approved – US fire code for the storage of flammable and combustible liquids
(Please contact us if you don’t see the approval you need)

Portable fuel storage tanks can be placed wherever you want and they have an easy to operate built in pump and meter to track fuel usage. Tanks are installed with a remote tank monitoring system so you always know the level of fuel in the tank. Fuel level is also monitored by Santa Buckley employees and we will make a bulk delivery to fill it as needed. The ease and convenience of these portable tanks provides a perfect way to effectively manage fuel usage, saving time and money.

Why not start saving today?
Tanks are in stock and ready to be delivered as soon as you need them so give us a call at 800-739-1852 or fill out the form and our team of Energy Managers will assist you!