Save Money with an Energy Audit

We can’t stress the importance of energy efficiency enough. Most people don’t even realize their home heating systems are out of date and they could be wasting valuable energy and missing out on savings. The best way to pinpoint inefficiencies and have them corrected is with an energy audit, also called a Home Energy Assessment.

Energy assessments are often overlooked as non-essential, but at the end of the day, they could be the key to saving you money and energy. With an energy audit from Santa, we’ll help you ensure your home systems are working properly and will provide you with recommendations to help you save. Our expert technicians are highly knowledgeable and will assist you in determining the most energy efficient solution for your home and budget.

Our BPI-certified home energy audit experts will come to your Connecticut home and conduct a thorough Home Energy Assessment. After an inspection of your home, tests will be performed. Tests can include:

  • Blower door test for structural air leaks
  • Heating and cooling system ductwork test for air leaks

Once we have identified where there is room for improvement, our team can go to work making changes to reduce your energy costs with repairs and updates to areas identified during the evaluation. In many cases, about $1000 of on-the-spot weatherization services are performed.

Work may include:

  • Corrective sealing of house and duct leaks
  • Installation of up to 25 LED light bulbs
  • Installation of pipe insulation where it is needed
  • Installation of hot water saving devices including low-flow showerheads

We will then sit down with you and review our findings and changes and provide to you other ways to save even more on your energy costs. Depending on how you heat and cool your home, you may be eligible for rebates.

We can provide:

  • Rebates for qualified Central A/C systems
  • Rebates for replacing certain inefficient appliances
  • Rebates for insulation upgrades
  • Tools and tips for more savings

To increase the energy efficiency of your home and start saving money, click here to contact us or call 800-937-2682.