Heating oil prices can fluctuate multiple times a day depending on many factors, including supply and demand of crude oil, competition in local markets, weather conditions, transportation factors, global production, and even politics plays a part with new laws, regulations and taxes constantly surfacing.

Due to the vast changes in price on a daily basis we don’t post a daily price because within a few hours it may not accurately represent the delivery price. Current Connecticut low, high and average oil prices are posted to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection website. View the Connecticut Regional Retail Heating Oil Prices here.

At Santa Fuel, we help consumers make educated choices on purchasing oil for their home. When is the perfect time to buy? Nobody can predict that, which is why we have options to provide protection from market volatility. We offer plans to lock in a rate and prevent unpredictable price hikes.

Tru-Cap Plan – This is essentially an insurance policy on your oil price. The day you sign up you place a cap on your price. If rates rise above your capped price you won’t have to pay the higher rate. But it offers downside protection as well, so if the price of heating oil plummets, you get your deliveries at the lower price.

Fixed Price Plan – Lock in a price and pay the same rate the entire heating season. It’s good because if the price of oil doubles during the year, you don’t pay a cent over your locked in rate. However, if prices drop, you are still required to pay the same rate you agreed upon because by Connecticut State Law your oil has already been purchased at the time you locked in your rate.

Value-Flex Plan – This is the simplest of plans, no enrollment fee or minimum number of gallons. Your price will fluctuate as market prices change and you will receive the lowest rate available on the day the fuel is purchased. There is more risk with this plan because there is no protection from market volatility.

Along with these heating oil price protection plans, Santa Fuel offers budget plans to help manage your expenses, energy audits to determine the efficiency of your home and help reduce your overall energy usage, remote monitoring so you can control your homes heating system from anywhere, comprehensive service plans to protect your heating equipment, and 24-hour emergency service so you always have a team of professional technicians available to serve you.