Keep an Eye on Your Home Systems with Remote Tank Monitoring

Santa will help you prevent burst pipes and the cost of replacement with remote tank monitoring from Gremlin. This state-of-the-art sensor technology allows us to keep an eye on fuel levels and household temperature as well as other home conditions. The system connects to our computer center where emergency service is available 24 hours a day and we’ll let you know if we detect any problems and respond immediately to resolve them.

Basics of Remote Monitoring:

  • An ultrasonic sensor measures oil tank fuel levels
  • Temperature sensors measure the temperature inside of your home
  • The system detects burner shut downs and power outages
  • The smart modem receives and stores data from system sensors and reports it to Santa

Now you can take control and monitor your home heating system all hours of the day. This system is perfect for anyone who goes away for long weekends or an extended period of time, owns a home in Connecticut but lives in another state, uses a home for a rental property, had a previous freeze up in extreme weather conditions or just wants to be assured their home is safe 24 hours a day.