Since 1940, our team has been dedicated to serving our customers promptly, and completely. Because we pour our blood, sweat and tears into our services, when we get feedback from our customers, it warms our hearts! 

We love to know what we’ve gotten right, and what we can do to continue serving you better, for years to come. 

Check out the most recent stories, kind words, and constructive criticisms we’ve gotten.

We Love Hearing Directly From Our Clients

“Furnace tune-up employee was professional, funny and kind. He did a great job. Thank you.”- Steve V. | Milford, CT | 2020

I have been a customer since 1966 and your service has always been top-notch. ” – G. C.  S. | Trumbull, CT | 2020

“John B. was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He replaced a broken nozzle on our boiler and answered all the questions my husband and I had. He was very thorough. Very grateful for his service.” – Marissa W. | Seymour, CT | 2020

Satisfied Clients on Social Media

Here are some of the comments we  received from satisfied customers on Facebook, Google and Yelp.  

“Great service, great prices.” – Michael M. | April 2019

They take care of their customers’ needs.” – Stephen C. | January 2019 

“Santa Fuel is a highly reliable and dependable company which provides excellent service. The company goes out of its way to accommodate its customers. They have gone out of their way to help people in need who require energy assistance. Tom Santa is lucky to have people like Dot, Rachel and their whole group helping their customers with their needs.” – Herb B. |  March 2020

Great service. Great prices. Nice people. Can’t do better.” – Tom A. | February 2019

Santa’s service is outstanding. Whenever I call I can always rely on kind and helpful people.  They are very accommodating. Their technicians are skilled and extremely professional. I have been with Santa for 14 years and plan to stay with them for another 14 years as long as they offer this excellent type of service.” – Joseph T. | November 2019

“I have been with Santa for almost 30 years. They are the best, they respond very quickly and all their technicians are very knowledgeable. I have never had a problem with them and they arrange appointments around you.” – Debbie D. | February 2019

A weird sound was coming from somewhere at 9 pm. Something’s in the garage! Is that your hard-drive? It’s coming from the basement! Hubs determines it’s probably a hot water heater valve bulb thingy. Great, no morning shower. Santa came within the hour, solved the problem and I’m not even woken from my slumber. Hubs loved showing off his newly organized tool room to the first person who might appreciate it.” – Sue H.  | March 2018

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