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Why Choose Santa? Because This Santa Never Stops Delivering!

From the frigid winter days to the brutal heat of summer, Santa is dedicated to delivering complete home comfort while providing the best customer experience possible. In the middle of winter our fuel barge breaks through ice to offload heating oil into our storage tanks so we can make timely deliveries to your home. And during the hot and humid days of summer, our professional air conditioning installers and service technicians will keep you cool.

Santa is a reliable full service energy solutions provider committed to helping customers maximize the efficiency of their home so they can live more comfortably, reduce their carbon footprint and utilize energy wisely. We offer:

  • Reliable Heating Oil and Propane Delivery
  • Fuel Price Protection and Budget Payment Plans
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment Installation
  • Comprehensive Equipment Protection Plans
  • Complete Home Energy Assessments
  • Round-the-Clock Emergency Service

For comfort you can count on every day of the year, you can believe in Santa!

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Santa Energy Seeks to Improve Our Environment

Santa Energy understands that maintaining a clean and healthy planet is critical to all of us. Santa is continually exploring new technology and processes to improve the environmental impact of its operations, and Santa supports environmental programs that impact where our customers and employees live, work and play.

Santa Energy’s efforts have resulted in environmental awards, but the more important acknowledgement comes from the visible changes our efforts have made in our communities.

Stephen J. & Madelyn M. Santa Environmental Fund

In 1990 on the occasion of the company’s 50th anniversary, Santa set aside $50,000 to create an environmental fund in honor of the company’s founders. The Santa fund was the first and only private fund within the State of Connecticut that focused on the environment. Grant recipients include:

Low-sulfur heating oil – the right thing to do.
Santa Energy successfully worked with the State of Connecticut legislature and the State Department of Environmental Protection to create a bill that lowered the allowable sulfur content in fuel oil by two-thirds (1% down to 0.3%). On January 1, 1996, low-sulfur fuel (0.3%) became the law in Connecticut.

Santa sells only fuel with 0.2% sulfur content — 30% less sulfur than the maximum level allowed by the State. Santa Energy’s low-sulfur policy has kept 3,450 tons of sulfur out of the air each year just from the fuel Santa sells from its Bridgeport terminal.

Oil spill prevention – extra benefits
As an operator of a marine terminal in Bridgeport, Santa Energy is required by Connecticut state law to place a floating boom around each vessel during loading and unloading operations to capture any potential spills. Santa Energy recognized there may be a safer and more effective way to protect the environment.

Working with Ocean & Coastal Consultants, Inc., Santa Energy developed a pneumatic air boom called the Air Guard System. This one-of-a-kind system in the State of Connecticut uses air bubbles in the water to rapidly contain any floating pollutants.

Upon deployment of the Air Guard System in the waters of Cedar Creek in Bridgeport, it was found that the air induction system not only was an excellent containment system, but it also dispersed oxygen into the water. This re-oxygenated water helped bring fish and a wide variety of shore birds back to the area.

Conservation practices – helping our customers helps the environment
As a strong promoter of energy conservation, Santa Energy conducts an aggressive Oil Burner Tune-up Program to increase and maintain fuel efficiencies for our customer’s heating systems. This has saved our customers over a million dollars per year in fuel costs.

In 2009, Santa began offering residential customers Home Energy Audits. This program inspects homes for opportunities to improve energy efficiency. In a short time, the program has saved customers thousands of dollars on their energy costs and helps reduce the energy consumed in the towns we serve.

In 2010, Santa Buckley Energy began offering lighting retrofits that allow commercial customers to upgrade or replace their less-efficient lighting fixtures to a newer technology using less energy. This program not only benefits the environment by reducing the amount of energy used by different businesses, it is also saving our customers significant money on their electricity usage.

In-house recycling program
Paper, motor oil and waste oil are recycled at Santa Energy. The petroleum waste materials are burned in a special oil burner that uses air pressure to break down the heavy particles and supplies heat for our large garage facility. As a result of this program, Santa is able to conserve 7,000 gallons of clean heating oil every year.

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