Heating Oil Tank Maintenance, Service and Replacement

Comfort You Can Count On!

Your heating oil tank is arguably your most important piece of equipment as the reliability of your heating system is dependent on the oil stored in your tank. A clean, moisture-free tank will provide many years of reliable home comfort.

From routine inspections to tank replacements, Santa’s team of licensed technicians will keep your fuel storage system clean and delivering worry-free comfort for many years.

Signs that your heating oil tank needs to be inspected

Santa’s professional service technicians routinely check your family’s oil tank when making a service call. Because intervals vary between service calls, you should be aware of signs that your tank needs to be checked. These signs include:

If you see any of these signs, contact Santa Energy to get your tank inspected immediately. The time to act is before your tank fails so that you can avoid the expense and worry of a tank failure.

Protect your heating oil tank investment

ProGuard heating oil tank insurance offers you peace of mind. With ProGuard you are protected for tank replacement and cleanup costs in the event of a tank failure.

ProGuard heating oil tank insurance is provided through a third-party vendor and offered to Santa Energy customers on automatic delivery. The ProGuard protection plan provides you with proactive tank replacement and cleanup protection up to $50,000 if there is ever an accidental oil leak from either the oil tank or lines.

Contact us to learn about our heating oil tank services. And don’t forget to ask about ProGuard heating oil tank protection and Gremlin wireless tank monitoring!