Service Plans for Home Heating, Cooling and Comfort Equipment

Get comfort you can count on!

Your home’s heating, cooling, and comfort equipment are major investments in your home, not only financially but in your quality of life.

Our Santa Energy Service Plans help you keep your equipment up and running and help you save money! But, these plans aren’t only about repairs, they are about maintaining your equipment too.

We offer several affordable options for your home’s heating and cooling systems, both oil-fired and gas-fired. The service plans are also customizable, as you can add other equipment to them, like water heaters, gas fireplaces or humidifiers.

These plans to not only protect your equipment, but may help extend their lifespan so that you get even more from your investment. All of these plans include an annual maintenance tune-up by our trained, experienced service technicians. This helps keep your equipment running as efficiently, which saves you money on energy costs.

If your equipment does need repairs, our service plans cover many parts and labor costs to help make the repairs more affordable. A service plan can pay for itself in savings from just one repair.

Speaking of savings, you can save money by combining your Energy Savings Plan with any of the other service plans we offer.

Here’s a look at our service plans.

Oil heat service plans

We offer two service plans so you can choose the right one for your equipment and your budget. Both include your annual tune-up, where our trained, experienced service technicians perform the following:

You also get discounts on repairs, coverage of replacement for many parts, priority service and scheduling, 24/7 emergency service and discounts on equipment replacement.

Propane service plans

As with the oil heat service plans, propane service plans offer options for your heating system, but also can be customized to add other propane appliances.

Both of our Propane Energy Savings Plans include an annual maintenance tune-up of your propane heating system, discounts on repair costs, priority service and scheduling, 24/7 emergency service, air filter replacement and a discount on the purchase and installation of a propane heating system replacement. You can also add the following appliances to your service plan:

Air conditioning service plan

Make sure your air conditioning is ready for summer’s heat wave. Our A/C Energy Savings Plan includes maintenance, parts protection, discounts on repairs, priority service and scheduling, 24/7 emergency service and a discount on condenser replacement.

During the annual air conditioning maintenance tune-up, our technicians perform the following tasks:

We also offer additional A/C unit coverage and coverage for heat pumps.

Generator service plans

Take care of your home’s propane whole-house backup generator so it can take care of your home and loved ones when the power goes out. We offer two Generator Energy Savings Plans. Both include an annual 17-point maintenance tune-up, discounts on repairs, priority service and scheduling and a discount on installation of any new equipment from Santa Energy. Our Generator Energy Savings Plan+ also includes 24/7 emergency service, two service visits per year and 24/7 wireless generator monitoring.

Our annual 17-point maintenance tune-up includes:

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