Residential Solar

Introducing Comfort You Can Count On — Now Powered by the Sun

Santa Solar

Local solar power that you can depend on.

For more than 80 years, you’ve relied on Santa Energy to keep your home comfortable year-round. Now we’re taking it one step further and offering power you can depend on with residential solar from Santa Solar.

From dependable fuel delivery to expert installation and service of your heating and cooling systems, air quality as well as hot water equipment, Santa has always been focused on providing the best for its customers.

Take control of rising energy costs and give yourself peace of mind every day.

Benefits of Solar

It’s a renewable resource.
Solar power doesn’t require anything but the sun to keep it up and running. Like recycling and using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances in your home, solar power is good for the planet and good for you. An added benefit is that it’s dependable — the sun will come out tomorrow!

Take control of your power.
Reducing your reliability on your power company puts more power in your hands and helps limit the impact of electrical rate hikes on your wallet. With electric company monopolies, you’ve never had a choice before — now you do!

It can lower your energy bill.
Solar panels on your home can save you on your electricity bill! Residential solar rates are lower than conventional energy rates, and depending on your solar array, your power company may end up paying you!

It may qualify you for tax breaks and incentives.
Getting solar is an investment in your home that can be offset by state and federal Incentives, as well as increase the value and appeal of your home. See If your home qualifies for solar by speaking to one of our energy consultants to evaluate your home and energy needs as well as develop a customer solution for you.

Allows you to store power for when you need it.
Being without power for extended periods of time can be a thing of the past with our energy storage solutions. Battery backup connects into your solar array and home electrical system and is designed to kick on when the power goes out.

sun shining on solar panel roof
sun shining on solar panel roof

What makes Santa Solar different?

We’re Local!
Just like with our fuel, and equipment services, Santa Solar’s experienced technicians are local and dependable. Our solar team is here to answer all of your questions — we believe that you deserve to have a custom designed solution, not a one-size-fits-all.

White Glove Service
Santa Energy is a full-service company. When it comes to solar, we’ll work with you to design a system that takes care of your needs. We obtain all the necessary permits and utility approvals to get your energy solution and up and running. Our whole team is here to answer any questions throughout the process.

Precision Engineering and Design
Each solar array is specific to where it’s being installed. We’ll come out to your property, take our time in determining where your panels should be installed, how much power they will produce and offset, and figure out if you are a prime candidate for our battery back-up program.

System Monitoring
You’ll be able to monitor your system’s performance right from the comfort of your smart phone or computer giving you peace of mind.

Charge Your Electric Vehicle from the Sun
And from home! In addition to being able to regularly power your house and keep the power on during a power outage, Santa Solar offers the ability to charge your Electric Vehicle from the comfort of your home. Install a home EV charger right in your garage — compatible with most Electric Vehicle models.

Common Questions About Solar

Is solar power worth it in Connecticut?
Absolutely, yes! With the Federal Tax Incentives, utility incentives, and no Increase In local property taxes, solar panels make a lot of sense for Eversource and UI Energy customers in Connecticut.

Interested in solar for your home?