Santa Fuel Is Your Trusted Source for Propane in Connecticut

Santa Fuel offers residential & commercial propane supply and service in Fairfield and New Haven counties in Connecticut as well as commercial supply throughout New England. For decades, Connecticut residents & businesses have relied on Santa Fuel for premium heating oil, now they can rely on us for propane as well.

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Why Propane?

A clean & efficient fuel source

  • Domestically Produced
  • Certified Green Fuel
  • Abundant in Supply
  • Clean Burning
  • Versatile


Serving Connecticut homeowners

Santa Fuel Inc. provides automatic propane delivery and service for Connecticut homeowners in Fairfield and New Haven County. With extensive service plans backed by our 24-hour emergency service and maintenance, you can depend on Santa for all of your propane needs.


75 years of continual operation

Santa Buckley Energy Inc. provides propane delivery to commercial, industrial, municipal and institutional customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont.

Propane in Connecticut

Santa Is Your Trusted Source for Propane Supply and Service

Connecticut residents in Fairfield and New Haven Counties and businesses throughout New England trust Santa for all of their propane needs. With budget plans and automatic propane delivery options, Santa Fuel is the dependable propane company you have been looking for. Santa Fuel ensures the highest quality standards are met from product purchase and storage through delivery into your home.

Santa Fuel customers can rely on us to provide propane supply and 24/7 service when needed. We know our customers make an investment in high-efficiency, quality heating equipment and other gas appliances for their homes, and by choosing Santa Fuel as their source for propane… they can rest assured they will have the same high quality service on those investments! That is why the Santa Fuel team is committed to offering propane solutions that benefit our customers both economically and with the added convenience of knowing you have one stop shopping. When you go with Santa, you have only one number to call when it comes to your propane needs because we have licensed and trained technicians to cover all your installation or service requirements.