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Santa Energy is a family-owned company committed to providing the best in fuel services for homes and businesses in Fairfield and New Haven Counties. We offer:

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Santa Keeps Your Home Comfortable

Whether it’s heating your home in the winter, cooling it in the summer, protecting it when the power goes out or making sure you have hot showers, the experienced technicians at Santa Energy will install and service your home’s HVAC and comfort equipment.

Our affordable service plans give you more peace of mind.

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A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

Customer Reviews

Good service

You fixed my very old furnace over the years for which I am grateful as a new furnace wouldn’t be practical now that I have cancer and when I’m gone whoever ends up with this property will most likely tear it down and start over..

Always solves questions or problem

Whenever I call about my mother's account whoever I talk to always helps me and get it right the first time!!

Responsive and prompt after hours service and thorough follow up during business hours