If you live in the northeast, snow is nothing new. The first storm of the winter season has already passed, and more are sure to come. No matter how many times you have shoveled your driveway, there are always ways to improve. Use these tips next storm for a safer, more efficient shoveling experience.

Shovel Safely
Shoveling snow is an unpleasant chore, but it can also be a rigorous physical activity. A shovel full of wet snow can weigh upwards of 30 pounds, and you can injure yourself if you aren’t careful. Before beginning your shoveling, take a few minutes to stretch out your legs, back, arms, and shoulders. Stretching will warm your muscles up to help prevent injury. If you become tired when shoveling, don’t overdo it, take a break to regain your energy.

Don’t Shovel the Same Snow Twice
This is the golden rule of shoveling snow. In order to make the best use of your time and be as efficient as possible, it is important to avoid shoveling the same snow more than once. This often happens when you pile snow into large banks on the perimeter of your driveway. Snow will often slide from the top of these tall mounds back down onto your driveway, causing you to remove it again. To avoid this from happening, evenly disperse where you dump your snow to avoid tall piles.

Save The Apron For Last
Nothing is more frustrating than getting your driveway clear all the way to the street, only to have the plow push the snow right back onto the foot of your driveway. If you are shoveling during a snowstorm or immediately after one ends, chances are the snow plows will still be running. Let them plow the street first because there will be an excessive amount of snow at the foot of your driveway. Save shoveling this area for last to avoid shoveling it multiple times throughout the day.

At Santa Fuel, we take safety very seriously. We want everyone to be safe when inclement weather hits our area, including all of the delivery truck operators. All heating oil delivery companies are faced with challenges when there is snow and ice on the roads, it is a tremendous help to have a clear passage down driveways and to the oil tank fill pipe so deliveries can be made in a timely and safe manner. Visit our Blog, for more tips from Santa, Connecticut’s leading provider in fuel delivery and heating system installations.


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