What Are The Pros & Cons Of Using Natural Gas?

Written on: January 28, 2015

natural gas pros and cons connecticut

Natural gas for home appliances

Natural gas production has been steadily rising for the last decade. With the growing use of natural gas in the United States, here’s what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of this fossil fuel.

What is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is one of the three biggest fossil energy sources in the world today. The fuel develops deep beneath the earth’s surface from organic matter aged over millions of years. The largest component of natural gas is methane, though there are also traces of hydrocarbon gases and hydrocarbon gas liquids.

Cons of Natural Ga s

Though there are benefits of natural gas, the drawbacks are considerable. Specifically when it comes to extracting, transporting, and maintaining infrastructure for the fuel.

Pros of Natural Gas

Now that we’ve gotten the drawbacks accounted for, let’s explore why a homeowner would consider natural gas.

Managing Natural Gas Properly

Natural gas provides access to a cleaner fossil fuel that is equally effective to other energy sources available. While there are certain hazards when using this resource, natural gas is one of the most viable and clean energy sources on earth.

And, there are things all homeowners can do to mitigate risk:

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