Air Conditioning Service Plans

Santa’s Air Conditioning Energy Savings Plan Provides Comfort and Protection

Santa is committed to your comfort year-round. That is why, in addition to our heating services, we also offer an air conditioning service plan to keep you cool when temperatures are on the rise. Our comprehensive Air Conditioning Energy Savings Plan ensures your air conditioning system operates smoothly and efficiently in order to provide your Connecticut home with constant comfort.

With our Air Conditioning Energy Savings Plan, Santa has taken the worry and hassle out of maintaining your air conditioning system. Annual preventive maintenance makes up the core of the plan, ensuring that your air conditioning system is always running efficiently.

No matter what make or model of central air conditioning equipment you have, Santa technicians can provide assistance with maintenance and repairs year-round. And in those rare cases of emergency, Santa’s air conditioning service plan has you covered with 7 day a week service protection.

A/C Energy Savings Plan
Stay cool and comfortable all summer long with our Air Conditioning Energy Savings Plan. Our annual preventive maintenance plan is a comprehensive service to ensure your system is always running efficiently. This plan includes an Annual 13-Point Cooling System Tune-Up:

  • Inspect controls and safety switches
  • Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys
  • Inspect condensate drain
  • Check condensate pan
  • Inspect unit disconnect
  • Inspect unit wiring & repair any loose connections
  • Inspect relays and contactors
  • Remove debris in and around condenser
  • Check and lubricate motors & bearings
  • Check air temperature drop across cooling coil
  • Check refrigerant level (extra charge for adding refrigerant if needed)
  • Check operation of thermostat
  • Air filters (1” only) are checked and replaced if needed

Parts Protection
Replacement of the following parts are covered with NO cost to you:

  • Refrigerant top-off (up to 1lb of refrigerant if needed)
  • A/C blower motor (up to 1/2 horsepower)
  • Contactor
  • Non-programmable thermostat
  • A/C condensate pump
  • A/C ready kit
  • A/C emergency switch
  • Blower belt
  • High and low pressure controls
  • Crankcase heater

$100 Towards a Condenser Replacement
While currently enrolled in our A/C Energy Savings Plan at the time of a condenser replacement, customers will receive $100 off.

We Also Provide Preventive Maintenance Service
Get your air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently before the heat of the summer. For those not enrolled in our A/C Energy Savings Plan, we offer a preventive maintenance service to tune-up your air conditioning unit. This service includes only the annual maintenance service as listed above, without the service discount, priority service and scheduling or emergency service. Please call 800-937-2682 for current availability and pricing information.

For more information about our air conditioning service plan and see the general conditions, click image to view a brochure.
Air Conditioning Service Plans Stamford, CT

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    Emergency Service

    Call us any day, any time. Our technicians are available to assist you 24/7/365.

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    Priority Service and Scheduling

    Daytime priority service from our highly skilled and licensed technicians.

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    Service Discount

    Receive a 20% discount on any service repairs that may be needed.

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