Energy Efficient Fuel Tanks

Having the correct fuel tank can help you manage your heating costs. Santa’s fuel tanks offer superior energy efficiency and lowered costs as a result. Our expert technicians ensure hassle-free removal and installation. View our selection of fuel tanks to find the right option for your home and budget needs:

image15Granby Above Ground Oil Tanks
With 50 years of experience, Granby offers superior quality, innovative safety/protection options, and unequalled warranties. A Granby fuel tank is among the safest, most reliable tanks you can buy. Granby tanks are UL-80 labeled above ground fuel tanks and are available in 330 gallon capacities. For added protection, choose the ECOGARD double bottom and PROTEC20 protective coating options.


image16Highland ToughTank Above Ground Oil Tanks
Significantly stronger by design, Highland’s TOUGHTANK is engineered to withstand unexpected internal pressures and minimize the chance of rupture due to improper filling, faulty equipment, or a clogged vent. TOUGHTANKS are UL-80 labeled above ground steel storage tanks for indoor or outdoor use and are available in 137, 275 and 330 gallon capacities. For added protection, the 275 and 330 gallon models are available in double-wall construction.