Santa generator service plans keep your equipment tuned up and ready for use

An automatic generator keeps power flowing to the critical systems in your home. Enjoy the comfort of knowing your generator, your backup power supply, will operate when you need it most. Benefits of a generator service plan include extended generator life, system reliability to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs, and peace of mind your system is safe, clean and efficient.

Generator Energy Savings Plan
Annual 17 Point Tune-Up
• Change oil and filter
• Inspect air filter
• Replace spark plug & inspect spark plug wires
• Inspect battery cable and terminal ends
• Test battery for holding charge
• Inspect battery trickle circuit
• Inspect fuel lines and connections
• Measure and adjust natural/lp gas pressure
• Check all electrical connections
• Measure output voltage and hertz
• Check and record all gauges and timer readings
• Set exercise cycle
• Test transfer switch operations
• Check general conditions
• Inspect drive belts and pulleys
• Inspect all hoses
• Check coolant

Generator Energy Savings Plus Plan
This is our most comprehensive protection and will safeguard you from any unexpected issue that may occur. There’s also a service technician on-call to help. Benefits include:
• Annual 17 Point Tune-Up
• 20% Discount on Service Work
• Two Visits per Year
• Priority Service and Scheduling
• 24/7 Wireless Generator Monitoring*
• 24-Hour Emergency Service

*Purchase of GenLink required for remote monitoring.

For more information about our generator energy savings plans and see the general conditions, click image to view a brochure.
Generator Energy Savings Service Plan Brochure

  • Connector.

    Improve Efficiency

    Extensive 17 point tune-up for peak performance and energy efficiency.

  • Connector.

    Priority Service and Scheduling

    Daytime priority service from our highly skilled and licensed technicians.

  • Connector.

    Service Discount

    Receive a 20% discount on any service repairs needed.

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