Manage Your Costs with a Home Heating Oil Price Protection Plan

We understand that you have a budget, and predicting the cost of heating oil isn’t always easy. With a heating oil price protection plan from Santa, you can more easily manage the cost of heating your home. View our heating oil price protection plans below to find an option that works best for your budget.

Tru-CapSM Price Protection Plan:
This plan allows you to put a cap on your fuel cost. Some companies refer to this price protection plan as having downside protection. It means you never need to worry about the cost of heating oil going up, and you’ll save money when the cost of heating oil goes down. This plan is ideal if you want the security of knowing your heating oil price will not increase should the cost of heating oil increase, and you’ll also get the benefit if the cost of heating oil decreases.

Fixed Price Protection Plan:
This plan locks in your price for the term of your contract. It offers a guaranteed price no matter what happens in the heating oil market, however, if the price should fall, you are obligated to purchase your heating oil at the agreed upon price.

Value-FlexSM Price Protection Plan:
This plan offers discounts without locking into a specific cost for the year – your price fluctuates as the cost of heating oil changes. This program is the least complex, as there is no enrollment fee or required number of gallons, and we are able to offer the lowest rate on the day the fuel is purchased.

To learn more about our pricing plans and to see which one best fits your needs, click here.