Signs That Your Air Conditioning Needs Service

Written on: March 7, 2022

Santa Energy helps keep you cool this summer

home cooling service connecticutYou can count on the experienced, skilled service technicians at Santa Energy to take good care of your home’s air conditioning system to keep it running at its peak efficiency.

Our annual maintenance tune-ups allow us to discover any problems with your A/C and address them before they become a problem. That can help you save money on both repair bills and cooling costs.

You can help take care of your air conditioning system and protect yourself against big repair bills with a Santa Energy air conditioning service plan. An annual maintenance tune-up is included in all of our service plans.

Signs that your A/C is struggling to keep you comfortable

If you detect one of the following issues with your air conditioner, get in touch with us right away to request a service call.

Warm air or not much air

If the air coming from your vents is warm, it’s usually one of the signs that the A/C is low on refrigerant. If there isn’t enough air coming from the vents, it could also be an issue with the compressor.

The A/C cycles on and off frequently

Do you have a central air conditioning system that cycles on and off for short periods? It’s possible that the thermostat is faulty. Another issue could be a system that is either too large or too small for the space it’s in.

The air coming out of the A/C smells

If there’s an electrical odor, it usually indicates that the wire insulation in the air conditioning system has burned out. Is there a musty scent coming from the air flowing through the air conditioning system? That might be mold in the ductwork.

Strange sounds

If the air conditioner is squealing, grinding, or scraping while on, there’s a good chance that a part is loose or failing inside. Don’t put off having the system serviced. This might turn into an even bigger problem with higher repair costs.

Need A/C service? Get in touch with us to schedule a tune-up or service call. Don’t forget to ask about our affordable service plans for your home’s cooling system!