Why Should I Have a Tank Monitor Installed?

Written on: September 6, 2021

Santa Energy’s Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring Gives You Peace of Mind

tank monitor

Have you heard about wireless propane tank monitoring?

With this service from Santa Energy, we can keep track of how much propane is in your tank in real-time. Wireless propane tank monitoring employs wireless and cellular technology to provide accurate propane tank gauge readings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thanks to our app, available both at the Apple Store and Google Play, you will also be able to check your tank gauge levels on your smartphone or tablet anywhere you have WiFi or cellular service.

We understand how busy life can be. However, if you forget to check your propane tank gauge levels, you could be facing the difficulty and expense of an emergency propane delivery if you run out or run low. But when you have wireless propane tank monitoring, that work and worry are over!

What Are the Benefits of Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring?

There are several reasons why having a wireless propane tank monitor is beneficial.

One reason is if your propane usage is unpredictable. This pertains to those who travel frequently or live away for part of the year. If you have frequent guests, your propane usage can increase more than you think, between more usage of your propane water heater, range, clothes dryer, and other appliances.

By having the ability to wirelessly monitor your tank, you don’t have to worry that a sudden spike in usage puts you at risk for a runout.

Monitoring your propane tank’s supply wirelessly is also appropriate for second homes and investment properties. You can keep an eye on the propane supply wherever you are. Our wireless tank monitoring app lets you track multiple tanks.

Because we know exactly when you need propane, we aren’t making unneeded deliveries of smaller amounts of propane. You’ll only get propane delivered when you truly need it.

Because wireless tank monitoring streamlines our delivery schedule, we are able to deliver propane to more customers each day. It also makes us even more responsive in the event of a customer needing emergency delivery.

Get security when it comes to your propane supply. Contact us to enroll in wireless propane tank monitoring!